Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sex And Marriage

A lot of fuss is going on regarding age of consent for sex and age for marriage. Discussion for deciding minimum age of marriage is Okay. But I don't see the need for discussing the first one ie. deciding the age of consent  for having sex.

Why should we decide the age of consent to have sex at all? Sex will be there automatically when one is married or matured. Why think of sex and get deprived of other values of life?

The modern generation has already become more and more materialistic and sexual conscious. Ethical and moral values have decreased very much. Everywhere we witness crime and violence. Everybody wants his own selfish enjoyment and growth at the cost of others. No one cares for others. He does not even hesitate  for a while in causing trouble to others for attaining his own desired motive.

In such an environment, publicly debating and wasting time in fixing an age of consent to have sex is very irrelevant. It implies indirectly that the institutions are propagating to have sex among teenagers. One should concentrate more on other problems like giving a standard education to children and along with education make them aware of our moral and ethical values of life. And concentrate more on eradicating social evils and in the upliftment of living standards of people.

Students must concentrate more on their studies and health improvement. Enjoyment of sex will be there on time. But they should not look for it till their education is complete and they settle in their life.

Indulging in sex will distract your concentration from other goals of achievements. So until education is completed, your priority should be at your studies and in getting high degrees and there after in getting a better career. Until then, sex should not be indulged in. Better devote extra time in health build up and extra-curricular activities and development of hobbies. You may spend time with friends for improving these healthy habits and in building up your career.

What is alarming is matured parents debating over the age of consent  for sex. Instead of taking care that younger generation does not involve in sexual indulgence, they discuss it publicly as if some most important thing of career is discussed. We must not encourage sex before settlement in life and if it happens by mistake or spontaneously, we must guide them to be reasonable and not get flown by emotions. So do not waste time in fixing age of consent for sex.

One thing more I may want to point out is that sex should not be treated as mere physical enjoyment. It is more of mental joy and peace. When you have sex with your partner, besides physical enjoyment, you will experience a pure mental love and satisfaction with your partner. So when enjoying it after marriage with your spouse the bondage between you will become more strong both mentally and physically which will be eternal.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Important Tips for Personality Development of Children

Here are some simple and important tips to children for grooming themselves into good and healthy children. Even though these tips are intended for students, they apply equally to all people in many cases for a good personality development.

Wake up early in the morning and revise your lessons taught yesterday. As your mind will be very fresh and calm it can grasp the essence very easily and quickly in the early hours of the day. So it will provide a strong base for your knowledge and you will be able to grasp and memorize everything very spontaneously.

After this, you can have some light exercise or walk and then take your bath. While bathing you must take a complete bath applying hygienic soaps. The soaps or shampoos should be kept dry in their places in the bathroom and prevent them from getting wet. Wet soaps which get soaked in their containers when using shower baths or due to careless handling are not hygienic and should not be used. In winters, you may not bath on your head but periodical head bath should be taken with shampoo at least once in a week. In summers, it is better to bath from your head daily for full freshness. Bathing gives you freshness and makes you active and healthy. It regenerates your appetite also. 

After taking bath, you will dress up and if you have extra time, you can help your mother in her work or help your father and siblings and you want to pray to God, you can do that also for one or two minutes or if you have any home work left you can do that. But for doing home work, the right time will be in the evening and night of the same day when you got it. Try to complete your home work the same day always and never postpone it.

Then you have your breakfast, take your lunch box and go to school timely. Never go late to school in any circumstance. It tarnishes your image among teachers and students also. So be punctual and don't try to take leave from classes any day unless it is unavoidable. Because if you are absent, you will miss your classes and the lessons taught on that day. It is a very great minus point for you if you miss classes. Because, when the teacher explains a lesson and by concentrating on his teaching, you will be able to understand better than by studying it yourself. So, never miss classes. And try to concentrate wholly on your teacher's teachings whenever he teaches some thing.

One more thing. Always respect your teachers and elders just like your parents. Don't try to see at their weaknesses. Always see their good things and try to learn from their good points only. Just think of them as your career developers and elders in both knowledge and age and always respect them.

After school hours, you must try to take part in sports and games and other extra curricular activities of your choice. Try to grow your sports talent as well as some arts like painting, drawing, music either vocal or instrumental and dancing etc. Participation in games and other extra curricular activities like stage performances keep your mind and body healthy and fit and help you in grooming your personality development.

Another advice is always be away from bad company and bad elements. Never go nearer to bad habits and people having those habits. Maintain distance from such things as far as possible. Don't be weak and succumb to bad habits like smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing, teasing people, etc. You may have to repent for it at a later stage. So be stubborn. Always remember of your parents and other good personalities and try to be moral, ethical and of help to your society and surroundings.

And now last but not the least, "Be proud of your family, your heritage and your country". Never feel ashamed of talking of your parents and family. And never think of your self as inferior to others. Always talk proudly of your family, your village and country.


Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day and Security of Women

On this International Womens Day, we are celebrating the emancipation of women all over the world. But let us have some introspection. Let us be frank speaking. Are we 100% sure that all women truly enjoy freedom and share equal rights with men in all spheres? Are they equally secure and free from fear to do whatever they want just like men do?

Giving answer to these questions may make you think for a while as you are not sure of their security in many situations and environments.

Now, let us talk about women in India. In India, basically women are considered to be subordinate to men.  In most circumstances, man thinks his decision is the final verdict in any matter. He expects woman to adhere to his decisions and act or behave accordingly. He did not like woman's dominance over him. Even though he may be talking of equality of woman, he may still be feeling that she should adhere to his wishes and orders.

It has been inherited traditionally, that man is superior to woman. That she is weak and needs protection. That she should be taken care of and protected by man. That woman can not live without man. But, in case of man there is no such assumption that he can not live without woman nor does he need protection, etc.

So, basically woman feels that she is weak if not supported by man and develops a mentality that she can not stand and face society if she is not protected by man. This innate feeling of woman makes her weak and inferior to man.

This feeling of insecurity in woman is further increased by violent acts of men like his anger, scolding, beating and harassing with threats and other indecent acts, etc.

So, the first thing that women must do is to eradicate this feeling of fear and insecurity from their minds. They should try to develop confidence, courage and will power to do things as they like instead of listening mutely to their men and submitting to their compulsions. Confidence is the most important factor as without confidence they can not take decisions to act. They should develop courage to express their liking and act accordingly. They should develop courage to face and challenge the anti-women minded men and their crimes on them.

It is true that the environment has changed now and people's thinking mentality is changing. We find women stepping out bravely and participating in all activities even surpassing men. They have attained top most positions in all fields.

But even now, men's atrocities are not stopping. The recent Delhi Gang Rape of Nirbhaya, the abduction and shooting of Pakistani teenage rights activist cum school girl Malala Yousafzai and other such incidents have drawn uproar and anguish from all corners with women coming out on roads in such unexpectedly massive gatherings to express protests with huge loud voices indicating that they will no more bear the atrocities and crimes of the society. Further, the fight back put out by these victims, indicates their extreme courage, fearlessness and determination.

Our Laws are also being made more and more strict and stringent to safe guard women's rights and impose stringent punishment on culprits. Many women upliftment and welfare schemes have been launched by our government to create awareness among women and provide them security, education and employment and medical care.

Inspite of all this, unless women develop the will power and determination to face challenges and fight with men's atrocities and social evils, how long can any law protect them from harassment and humiliations? What is the use of such laws merely imposing punishment after occurrence of the crime?

Further, all men should try to create a healthy and safer environment for women. They should cooperate with women in making their living conditions better by treating them with respect and giving equal rights and freedom to them. So, pledge for this cause today. This will be the most valuable and greatest gift you will be giving to women on this "international womens day ".