Monday, November 3, 2014

This is not My kind of "Swachcha Bharat" Babu

My opinion or ways of  Swachh Bharat may not be like this.

I think of Swachcha Bharat that is always neat and clean. Not temporary, whirlwind clean drives. It is not this type of  emergency cleaning drives launched to welcome a VVIP to your colony or mohalla.

This is just like you are cleaning your home and revamping furniture to invite your boss to your house. I do not like such showbiz actions. If he returns to you the next day or after sometime, he will see the real picture of you.

This kind of maintaining or showing cleanliness for others is not to be treated as if you are conscious of cleanliness. It is only a showbiz and drama to impress people for some selfish motives.

I like daily and evergreen Swachh Bharat for which we daily contribute time and energy in keeping our homes, workplaces and  living environment neat and clean that presents a beautiful and satisfying joy to our own souls. It should be for our own sake, for our health, our family's sake and our own happiness and satisfaction. Not for impressing your boss or neighbour or some VVIP.

Why don't you feel the need for swachchhata or clean hygienic living place? Why don't you realise the importance of it? Why don't you care for your own health and your family's health? If you keep your home and the environment around your home neat and clean, it is only for your benefit. You are not doing any favour to anybody. So do not think that you are sacrificing your time and energy by keeping things clean. It is for you that you should maintain cleanliness. So do not indulge in showbiz. Be sincere in maintaining cleanliness.

It is the duty of health departments and civic bodies as well as public to sincerely contribute to neat and clean hygienic environment if they want Swachh Bharat.

Do away with Brooms
  • The sanitation department should honestly do their duty. They should do their work with responsibility and if any problems are there, they should report to their team leaders regarding the problems.
  • The departmental heads or inspectors should see that their staff are well equipped for performing their duties in cleaning or removing garbage from one place to another.
  • Occasional spot checks should be conducted on daily basis at all points so that the staff can feel that their work is being evaluated and their problems are also being witnessed by the heads.
  • Public should contribute their own share by keeping the garbage at fixed points for easy handling by the sanitation staff. They should cooperate and do not show authority on the sanitation people.
  • The administration can instal garbage bins on roads and in lanes into which the garbage can be thrown by public while they are on move on roads. This will keep the streets clean, if the public shows responsibility and puts the garbage into the bins.
If all of us can follow the above methods and be conscious always about hygienic living, I think there may not be any need for sweeping of the roads daily to clean the roads.

Only you need to use your brooms when there are heavy cyclones and downpours or winds. Otherwise, there will not be any need of the brooms in your daily use and the energy of sanitation staff can be utilised for other meaningful purposes.

This is what my idea of clean India is. 
Jai Ho Swachh Bharat !!!